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Room to Rise offers movement, breath, and awareness practices from a trauma-informed lens with the aim of fostering creativity, self-compassion, connection, and growth. 

In a world as fast paced as ours, it can be a challenge to connect with ourselves, others, and with nature in meaningful ways. My hope is to use Room to Rise as a platform to support and guide other human beings as they lean into their own unique versions of that journey. 

Although some days it may feel like one step forward and two steps back, remember: there is always just that little bit of room left

to rise.

- K -

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"I always look forward to my sessions with Kalli. She helps to guide my mind into relaxation and really puts focus on the parts of my body that hold a lot of tension after a hard day's work. I feel the most relaxed, loose, and 'zen' after her classes. I am a forever student."


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"Kalli is an exceptional teacher, blending trauma-informed yoga principles with her expertise in anatomy and physiology as a physiotherapist. Kalli's open and genuine nature welcomes diversity and inclusion, and she incorporates mindfulness and a sense of grounded calmness in all of her teachings. I have always felt "seen" and valued in her classes, and have appreciated her gentle, beautiful voice during guided meditations. I highly recommend Kalli for any yogi, from beginners to those who have been practicing for decades, as she offers a unique, fresh perspective while honoring the traditional 8 limbs of yoga.


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“After taking yoga classes for the last 8 weeks with Kalli, I can honestly say, I feel myself on the road to better health and wellness. Kalli's classes focus on the function of the pose, and not so much the form of it. Lots of good practical strength and mobility moves that are easily adaptive to all levels. Kalli has a great insight on life in general and on ones self, which is reflected in her teachings. Each class was a very positive experience, and I found myself feeling refreshed, stronger physically, and excited for the next class. I would highly recommend yoga with Kalli and plan to attend her upcoming classes in January.”

— Bonnie

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Sunrise over the Wheat Field


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