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Meditation is a practice.

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

"Don't you carry stones in your bowl of light."

- Trevor Hall, Bowl of Light

Over the past few weeks I've really dove back into my meditation practice. Most recently, I've taken my practice outside to the edge of a field near home (there's now a nice lil bum-print in the snow that I use as my regular seat 😊). As I return to a steady meditation routine, I can feel the benefits flooding back into my life. Not in a perfect way, but in a way that makes me think twice about my thoughts and actions; helps me to be present in the daily tasks that feel mundane; helps me see the light in others; helps remind me to slow down; helps me to appreciate, love, and better embody compassion. It's not a magic pill by any means, and often these reminders come in retrospect, after I've already had the panic attack or said the thing I didn't really mean. Regardless, it helps me place a magnifying glass over these moments, study my reaction, and better understand my associated emotions.

For anyone who is intimidated by meditation, thinks they won't be "good" at it, thinks they don't have time, thinks it won't benefit them, etc -- I would encourage you to dive in and give it a fair shot (apps are super duper helpful in the process!). It's hard to put into words what just 10 minutes a day can do -- perhaps you'll just have to try it and see! 😏🌱

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