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Hello! I'm Kalli -- lover of tiny birds, the outdoors, running, and bad horror films. I'm a musician, senior cat mama, and registered physiotherapist.


I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training from the Trauma-Informed Yoga Psychology School in Canmore, Alberta. My journey into yoga started in 2017, during the process of recovery from a running injury. The pain from this injury wasn't intense, but it persisted, and persisted... and persisted. It put a strain on my relationships, mental health, and sense of self-worth. I was mourning the loss of a sport that I lived and breathed, and I felt I was losing my identity. 


About a year and a half into my experience with this pain, I discovered yoga. I heard that a nearby studio offered an Energy Exchange, meaning I could volunteer my time to clean the studio in exchange for unlimited classes. I only had a part-time job at the time, so I dove right into the four month commitment. The experience changed my world. I started to feel my own sense of power and confidence again, develop an awareness of my body and breath, feel a sense of calmness in my life outside of the yoga studio, and reconnect with my body. 


While that was my gateway into yoga, I continue to practice today for a number of reasons. For many years, I felt that my value as a human was rooted in achievement, productivity, and appearance. I've felt a drive to push and challenge myself, which isn't inherently a bad thing, but this sometimes took me to the point of burnout or injury. Despite this magnetism towards "productivity" or "work" as a means to prove my worth, I've found peace and growth in moments of slowing down; of simply being. It's been an ongoing process, but I'm slowly learning and trusting that I am enough, just as I am. 

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