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Love Louder

Be gentle with each person you meet. We can be certain about nothing in this world, so to assume that we can grasp and understand another person's reality - another person who took an entirely unique path to get to today - would be absurd! We have to remind ourselves that there's always, always an unknown. There's always something we can't see and will never understand. So be gentle with each person you meet.

In the past two weeks, three people in my life have lost their lives to suicide - all three of which were post-secondary students. I have a lot of thoughts, and even more feelings around these tragedies, but the following predominates: In what ways can I love the people around me a little bit louder? In what ways can I make someone's day just one smile brighter?

Paige Hunter is a UK teen who has recently been recognized for posting laminated notes of encouragement along a local bridge - and saving 6 lives because of this simple act! She is my current inspiration for loving loud. <3

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